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Posted: 16/01/2011 by Eddie Unity in Solidarity!

Please submit any messages of Solidarity to each other via

★ View them all down below ★

Short additional messages may be added down the bottom of the page 

They are laid clearer too 


★Get Involved!★

Posted: 13/01/2011 by Eddie Unity in Get Involved

For anybody trying to keep up with the game, and get involved some of these might help!

Alternatively, the chat minutes are HERE

And the Site News is HERE

The final addition to getting involved is to submit news or articles yourself. This can be done by sending things to and you can post to each other in Solidarity the same way. Alternatively, you can just post stuff on this thread as comments, at it will be taken notice of by Admin =)tributer or even an admin, just get in touch at and have a wordpress account!
If you want to contribute to this site as an authour, con

See this as a space you can use to comment whatever you want if you think it adds to the movement without needing to sign in or get too heavily involved!