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Posted: 10/02/2011 by Eddie Unity in UK Actions

This is the base to catch up on everything from the UK, below this post. Important UK events will be added to this post to keep them stickied. 

For a breakdown of events


  • Feb 11th-13th Paris, European Meeting of University Movements

Paris International

  • Feb 11th Warwickshire, Protest at Tory Local Government
  • Feb 12th London, People’s Convention to build resistance to cuts and austerity

organised byRight to work

  • Feb 15th London, Defend Council Housing Mass lobby of parliament
  • Feb 18th London, ‘How can we resist?’ – Public meeting
  • Feb 19th Progressive London conference
  • Feb 19th Nottingham, Defend Postal Service Demo
  • Feb 19th Bristol Demonstration against the ConDem cuts to public services
  • Feb 19th York Radical Workers Bloc on “No to Cuts and Privatisation” March
  • Feb 19th London, Feminist Library 35th Birthday Benefit
  • Feb 24th Call out to Re-Occupy from Hull
  • Feb 24th DAY X4: walk out for education
  • Feb 21st-27th Dorset, Space for Change, (future of climate justice gathering)
  • March 5th London, Protest against the Cuts! (At Tory, Liberal & Labour Conferences)
  • March 11th&12th Sheffield, demonstations at Lib Dems Spring Conference (runs till 13th)
  • March 19th Brighton, Vegfest UK
  • March 26th London, National Demonstration against the cuts, called by TUC
  • May 26th-27th Deauville, Dijon, France anti G8/G20 summit mobilisation
  • April 12th London, NCAFC @ NUS conference 2011
  • April 14th National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts – Day 3
  • April 16th World Day for Animals in Laboratories
  • April 29th ROYAL WEDDNG!!
  • April 30th Bradford, opposing the NF march
  • May 27th Bristol VegFest
  • September 11th The end of Fear
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