San Juan: Riot Police shooting at Protesting Students

Posted: 16/02/2011 by Eddie Unity in South America, World News

News from 25th January 2011

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For over a month, at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), which threaten to exclude about 10,000 people from higher education students have been resisting the introduction of new fees of £500

Following a call to strike, riot police began patrolling campuses, especially the one in Rio Piedras; the heart of the protests at the end of last year.

Recently, about 30 students were arrested during acts of civil disobedience in front of the main entrance at the Rio Piedras campus.

Hundreds have been detained in the past few weeks, and rumours spread of torture tactics being used by the police.


Once again, thousands of students gathered at different points near the Legislature building in San Juan. The House of Representatives voted on whether US$50million would to be given to the UPR, which would have cancelled the need for the new fee . The bill was not passed. It was argued that the university must have enough money, as the current students manage to pay the fees. The protesters blocking streets around the building were violently cracked down on by riot police. More than 30 students were arrested. Protesters and the press were attacked with pepper spray, tear gas and rubber bullets.

At least one person was hit in the face by a bullet.

Following the attacks, the protesters were chased through the streets by police forces, and ran towards a popular tourist district called Condado.

We are all in this together. Let’s unite for the “Spring of Resistance”  worldwide. We have all the tools.
















Further details and visual material: (report in Spanish) ~ (recorded “live-stream”) ~
facebookII (pictures) ~





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