Cambridgeshire Against the Cuts swamp city council meeting.

Posted: 18/02/2011 by Eddie Unity in Welfare and Public Services

Original Article by Andrew Osbourne

50 members of Cambridgeshire Against the cuts swamped the Cambridge City Council meeting. Before the meeting started we sung solidarity forever, it was a nice moment. We started heckling and generaly making the point that the councillors have NO MANDATE to make these cuts, there were 7 arrests as police struggled to gain control of the gallery.


We must be clear none of the councillors present were elected on a cuts platform, there is no need to make thse cuts in the vital services the city council provides, no need to make 41 members of staff redundant when there is £120 Billion pounds in uncollected, Avoided and evaded tax. The council should set an illegal budget based on the needs of the people of Cambridge not what Cameron & Clegg say they should spend.


We will see how the council voted shortly but this should be known far and wide, the reign of the liberal democrats in Cambridge is coming to an inglorious end and not soon enough. There will be a recorded vote and councillors who vote for cuts will be made famous, if you think we’re just after huppert and the politicians in westminster, think again.


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