Cops drag public out of Islington Council cuts mtg

Posted: 18/02/2011 by Eddie Unity in Welfare and Public Services

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On Thursday evening police were called to Islington Council’s budget cuts meeting and physically removed people from the public gallery, after they heckled and chanted “If you vote this budget through, that makes you a Tory too”. See videos 1 and 2.





Outside the meeting (pic from

Rally before meeting (pic by @ilov77

Earlier a march and rally had been held Islington Hands Off Our Public Services and local trade union branches. Listen to Lynna Moffat speaking about the cuts to Social care: audioboo

Inside a record 28 questions were tabled from members of the public many challenging the millions of pounds of budget cuts. Rowdy heckling included “You have a choice!” and “Shame on you”, with more chants of “Labour council’s gone berserk, doing all the Tories work” and “Whose Council? Our Council!”

In scenes being repeated across the country the council suspended the meeting and called the police to clear people from the gallery, dragging people out and arresting one (later de-arrested). The meeting then continued behind closed doors.

Protests like this are happening all the time – this saturday in london alone there are dozens of anticuts protests and actions: Lewisham Carnival Against Cuts – Hackney – Waltham ForestUKuncut (7 london actions)



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