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Fight Back! features reports, analysis, images, reflections and overviews on the UK’s winter of protests, and the start of a movement against fees and cuts.

From a 15-year-old UK Uncut activist to a rebel Lib Dem peer, via kettled students and forward-thinking commentary – Fight Back! captures both the spirit and arguments of revolt, bringing together the best reportage and analysis of an extraordinary political moment.

Sections include: The Demonstrations, The Occupations, The Under-19s, The Universities, The Establishment, The Trade Unions, The Aesthetics, The Generations, and Overviews

Contributors: Guy Aitchison, Anthony Barnett, Rosemary Bechler, Tasha Bell, Joanna Biggs, Ben Braithwaite, Sophie Burge, James Butler, Felix Cohen, Tony Curzon Price, Jesse Darling, Siraj Datoo, Rowenna Davies, Genevieve Dawson, Keith Ewing, Alan Finlayson, Cailean Gallagher, Ryan Gallagher, Jeremy Gilbert, Asher Goldman, Tom Griffin, Dan Hancox, Johann Hari, Adam Harper, Gerry Hassan, Owen Hatherley, Oliver Huitson, Peter Johnson, Markus Malarkey, Ben Martin, Anna Mason, Maeve McKeown, Len McLuskey, Jonathan Moses, Anthony Painter, Nick Pearce, Laurie Penny, Aaron Peters, Rory Rowan, Paul Sagar, Trevor Smith, John Stuttle, Niki Seth-Smith, Daniel Trilling, Oliver Wainwright.


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