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After being recently evicted from their Bloomsbury mansion, the free school moved to a large double-fronted house in Fitzroy Square. they faced a court hearing this afternoon, but are planning a day of creative resistance in the square tomorrow.

media waiting outside free school today


Both the BBC and ITV were camped outside the free school this afternoon, while those inside were careful about who they let in to their new mutli-million pound premises for a very full timetable of free classes, workshops, lectures and debates.

The occupiers faced a court hearing at 5pm, but were very relaxed about it, and are planning a day of creative resistance in fitzroy square on friday, with mass games, a banquet and a grand piano sing-song.

Mainstream tabloids have claimed that the house, bought by Guy Ritchie more than 8 months ago, has been in use recently, but in fact it has been empty and unattended for much more than a year in an area of london where there is a massive homeless community.

The free school have set up a website which is regularly updated with full information about their packed programme of free events, and they also have a team working together to produce regular ‘communiques’ which are written by a process of consensus so as to avoid issues over individual spokespeople.

Their website is worth checking regularly for news and information.



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