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Workers at Nottinghamshire County Council are to strike on Thursday 24th February, following the announcement of a yes vote in the ballot for industrial action.

The strike has been planned to be on the same day as the council sets its budget. Notts County Unison are also organising a march and a rally at County Hall, West Bridgford.

The march was originally to have begun from Bridge Field in West Bridgford. However, Tory-run Rushcliffe Borough Council have refused permission for the union to use the land, claiming that do otherwise might be seen as “supporting a political initiative”.

Unison have condemned the council’s decision, but relocated the meet point to Victoria Embankment, where marchers will be gathering from 10am.

The strike and march are part of a wider campaign campaign against services and job cuts, and the prospect of council services being privatised. Further strike action is likely after the 24th.

Unison contend that the cuts being made by the council are politically motivated and have called for the authority to tap into its £159m reserves to reduce the impact of cutbacks in funding from central government.


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