Middle East and North Africa Updates

Posted: 27/02/2011 by Eddie Unity in Africa, Asia, Top Stories

List of people on Cameron’s tour of Middle East

Samir Brikho CEO, AMEC

Steve Marshall Chairman, Balfour Beatty

Graham Cartledge Chairman, Benoy

Mouzan Majidi CEO, Foster & Partners

Ben Gordon CEO, Mothercare

Keith Howells Chairman, Mott MacDonald

Chris Hyman CEO, Serco

John Stanion Chairman & CEO, Taylor Woodrow

Professor Malcolm Grant President/Provost, UCL

Paul Skinner CEO, Infrastructure UK

Bob Fryar Executive Vice President for Production, BP

Ian Gray Non-Exec Chairman of Vodafone Egypt

Philip Dilley Chairman, Arup

Stuart Laing Deputy Vice Chancellor, Cambridge University

Peter Gammie CEO, Halcrow

Lord Darzi Imperial College

Malcolm Brinded Exec VP, Shell

John Peace Chairman, Standard Chartered

Ian Conn MD & CE, BP

Richard Barrett Regional Director, Atkins

Rob Watson Regional Director, Rolls Royce

Victor Chavez Thales UK

Ian King CEO, BAe Systems

Prof John Hughes Vice Chancellor, Bangor University

Dean Webster EO, Cyril Sweett

Michiel Soeting Global Head of ENR/Oil & Gas, KPMG

Rob King Development Director ME, the Edge

Shaun Carter Regional Director, Carillion

Sam Laidlaw CEO, Centrica

Charles Hughes VP Marketing, Cobham Group

Dr Rajan Jethwa CEO, Virgin Healthbank

Sir Frank Williams Team Principal, Williams F1

Alastair Bisset Group International Director, QinetlQ

Andy Pearson MD, Babcock International Group

Elizabeth Reid CEO, SSA Trust

Douglas Caster CEO, Ultra Electronics

– Peter Pannier


EU Response to Libya

When, faced with crimes against humanity, you don’t pass beyond the level of declarations, you make yourself accomplice of the crime…

Today, the European Union issued a declaration on the uprisal in Libya; You can read it here :

It is diplomatic language, which translated means : we are worried, but we won’t bother you. When you don’t bother a mass murderer, you make yourself accomplice !

Faced with crimes against humanity, only highest degree diplomatic actions (economic sanctions, travel restrictions, confiscation of airplanes, blocking of bank accounts,etc…) make sense and even military intervention is permitted.

With this declaration, in other words, the European Union makes itself accomplice of the mass culling that is going on in Libya .

Europe’s stand towards Khadaffi should not come as a surprise., since the European Union and many of it’s businessmen closely cooperated with the mass murderer Khadafi.

More of a surprise is the relative silence of Europe’s left. Apart from declarations of solidarity from some unions, organisations and individuals, nothing is moving. Even radical left is more busy with it’s own, at this moment relative small fights.

The situation is very comparable to what happened during the Egyption uprisal, a few weeks ago. Most demonstrations of solidarity hardly gathered more than a few hundred protesters. Shame…

It is a complete lack of sense of the historical moment,and lack of sense of own involvment in what is going on in the Mid-East. At historical important moments, you have to put your own at that moment relative small fights aside, and come on to the street. Organise protests, sit-ins, strikes, etc….

Targets here are our own governments, the European Union, and Corporations working together with the Libyan regime. They have to be forced to take meaningful diplomatic action, and eventually to shoot the airplanes down that target their own people !

When you don’t do that, you make yourself accomplice..

Beno Klee.

* In diplomacy you have 3 levels of action : level 1 are the declarations, which mean in human language; no matter how clear and to the point they are made : we are bothered, but we will not bother you. Level 2 is the cool of or the freezing of diplomatic relations, which mean in human language : we are angry, but we will not bother you. Degree 3 are the economic and personal sanctions, which mean in human language : you have gone to far, you have to pull back. The latter is the only one that has real political impact.



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