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ISM-UK Closing

Posted: 12/05/2014 by ukism in News, Site News

Last year, a decision was taken by the Admin Collective to stop work on this project. This is partly due to a lack of interest, but also because other similar groups are now organising in the UK – and we think people should put their energy into those instead. As we said in a statement when we started “While we think that what we are doing currently is both unique and useful, we do not want to reinvent the wheel or duplicate work that others are doing. We also do not want to see a situation where lots of groups that do basically the same thing end up competing for influence, or sapping energy through too much organisation and too little action.”

If you are a student organiser in the UK, we recommend that you get involved in the Autonomous Students Network.
Email: autonomousstudentnetwork [at]
Sheffield Group: sheffieldautonomousstudents [at]  |
Essex Group: essexautonomousstudents [at]  |
Dundee Group: libertarianlfront [at]  |
Sussex Group: sussexasn [at] | |
SOAS Group: soasanarchistsoc [at]  | |
Exeter Group: [no contact details – maybe try contactin Exeter Uni Occupation?]
Bristol Group: [no contact details – try asking the Bristol Left society? thebristolleft [at]]

The International Student Movement of course still exists – – and has regular online meetings. They always need more people to get involved, and it’d be great to see more participation from the UK student movement in this too.

If at some point in the future someone wants to re-start this project and needs access to the email, list, blog, etc, please just email _at_

Thanks to everyone who supported or was involved for the short time that ISM-UK was active. Solidarity to all the radical students and workers carrying on the revolution in education. See you on the streets! 😉