The International Students Movement (UK) is a network for grassroots student activists and groups to organise action and share resources. Currently, there is a blog, a mailing list, an irc channel, and a facebook page. It is the responsibility of groups and individuals involved to propose actions, and to submit news and resources. There is an ‘admin collective’ whose sole responsibility is to keep things running, post news that others submit, etc (more info here: https://ismuk.wordpress.com/about/admin-collective/ ). ISM-UK is a regional branch of the International Students Movement, which is also worth getting involved in! http://ism-global.net/ism_en

Getting involved in ISM-UK:

Bullying, transphobia, patriarchy, racism, and other oppressive behaviour are not welcome in the ism-uk network

If you have any ideas for how the ISM-UK network can be improved, or any difficulty using it (for example, the mailing lists), please email ism.uk_at_ riseup.net, or send a message to the mailing list.

The ISM-UK platform:


Since ism-uk heavily relies on services provided free of charge by Riseup, please consider donating something to them if you have money to spare: https://help.riseup.net/en/donate

Image from UK participants in the Global Education Strike, 2012

Image from UK participants in the Global Education Strike, 2012