Admin Collective

The ‘admin collective’ is the group of people that maintains and runs the ISM-UK network (e.g. by responding to emails, updating the website, administering pages). We do not organise action, or speak on the network’s behalf. The collective is inclusive and depends on the regular participation of people from across the UK. In order to fulfil necessary tasks of keeping the collective as active, open and friendly as possible; we are based on a common self-conception (this) and a ‘collective agreement’.

The collective is open to anyone who agrees with these principles along with the international join statement ( ), and who can commit time to help run the network. If you’re up for getting involved, please join the admin mailing list and introduce yourself!

Those who join the collective agree to…:

  • support the basic principles of the ISM as explained here:
  • actively challenge informal hierarchies, bullying, racism, patriarchy, as well as ableism, and work towards making the ISM an inclusive and safe ‘space’
  • not use the ISM-UK to promote political party politics, conspiracy theories, antisemitism, nationalism, or religions
  • challenge the perception that s__he might represent th ISM-UK platform – for example when giving interviews. Nobody can speak for the ISM-UK!
  • use the ISM-UK infrastructure to spread news in support of grassroots groups and networks


If you don’t have the time to get involved, but have any ideas on how we could do things better, we’d still love to hear from you! Please email _at_


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