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You want to contribute to the globalisation of resistance against the increasing privatisation of public education and for free and emancipatory education for all?

Here are the ISM suggestions:

If you want to get more actively involved on the ISM and support the administration of the platform in a particular language, then simply drop a line at:

Same goes for any questions or suggestions.


What do we Want from the UK?
I am putting this message out to occupations, education groups and anti-cuts groups across the UK in order to make connections. Please note, however, that ISM is not looking only for support and participation from whole groups, but also individuals. There are many different roles that may be played by those choosing to identify with ISM-UK.
Avenues will be “…decided by direct participation and non-hierarchical organization through collective discussion… Anyone who identifies with the struggle against the privatization of public education, and for free and emancipatory education can join and participate on as well as shape the platform!”

These are just some ideas:
UK Casual

UK Involved

  • Signing up to the mailing list to receive more information
  • Discussing real aims and methods in chat meetings
  • Sharing ideas for our own actions locally
  • Developing ways of acting nationally, either identifying with ISM or not
  • Offering skills and time for communication, design and technolgy
  • Host physical meetings
  • Hash tag #ISM-UK to update us on UK events

International Casual

  • Follow the ISM page, twitter and the website to find out about international struggles
  • Share links of interest to your friends/group
  • Download the newsletters
  • Post messages and pictures of Solidarity to education warriors around the world
  • Talk to people of different nationalities on the ISM forum about your experiences

International Involved

  • Sign up to the ISM mailing list
  • Discuss the worldwide aims of the movement, and the platform on global chat
  • Spread international student voices around the UK as much as possible, including at demos
  • Be inspired and learn from demonstration methods from other countries
  • Be part of the Spring of Resistance
  • Organise actions for the Spring of Resistance
  • Offer skills, including linguistic and those mentioned in UK
  • Maybe even meet up with other students world wide, like in Paris at the moment

How we Operate
Currently the ISM platform works in a number of ways. We communicate news through all available channels: the website, social media, youtube, newsletters and occasionally email. Planning is generally done on global chat, emails, and on various mailing lists. There have been meetings in person, and now there are more regional groups. ISM has called for global days and weeks of actions.

The set up for ISM-UK has not been decided on, and will not be until the extent of participation from the UK is clear. It could be just for the UK, or cover Western Europe. It depends how well the facility is used. Personally I see this as a platform for networking the UK groups in a somewhat secure way. I see local groups and individuals contributing their news either to the UK platform, or directly to the International, and for the ‘top stories’ decided by those who wish to participate, to be put forward to the ISM. (people can of course participate more or less involvededly if they wish at any given time. Unless they volunteer to do a specific job they can come and go as they please to chats and not be taken less seriously than those who attend every session) If we want our own UK chatroom or newsletters, or any other resource it is possible. It depends on what the UK movement wants to take from ISM.


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