Past Global Co-Ordinations

Many of us use the “International Student Movement” as a self-managed platform initiated to exchange information, to network and to co-ordinate protests at both the international and the global levels.

We strive for structures based on direct participation and non-hierarchical organization through collective discussion and action. Anyone who identifies with the struggle against the privatization of public education, and for free and emancipatory education can join and participate on as well as shape the platform!


Since the ISM platform was initiated in November 2008 the “International Day of Action against the Commercialization of Education” (Nov.5th 2008),

Reclaim your Education – Global Week of Action” (April 20-29th 2009),

Education is NOT for $A£€ – Global Week of Action” (Nov.5th + 9-18th 2009),

Global Wave of Action for Education” (Oct./Nov. 2010) and

Spring of Resistance” (March – May 2011) were coordinated.



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