Spring of Resistance (March-May, 2011)

One of the global actions currently being planned by the ISM is the “Spring of Resistance”. Rather than a day or week, it is planned to go from March through to May, essentially meaning the whole of Spring. The UK movement has had a slow but steady recovery of actions since the Winter holiday hibernation, but appears to be waking up to Spring time, with a call to re-occupy on Feb 24th, and of course the National TUC demo on March 26th, SEE HERE. Anyone wanting to call out for independent actions (big or large) for SoR would be welcomed, as would anyone choosing to attend other demonstrations with ISM leaflets, slogans or banners, or giving a talk about the ISM in their occupations or on their blogs. Any way we participate is a positive, and adds to the global uprising, which should be felt in the coming months. A list can be found here of upcoming events in UK, and HERE worldwide.

“Emancipation for All”

Free and emancipatory education does not only benefit students in schools and universities, but also society at large. We, groups and activists around the world on the ISM platform, say “Our Fight is Your Fight just like Your Fight is Our Fight” and call upon labour and the community at large to join in the fight students, teachers and parents are engaged in.

Massive protests were organized in various parts of the world including Austria, Bangladesh, Chile, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, not to mention South Africa, the UK, Ukraine and the U.S.A. in the past few months alone (see e.g. “Global Wave of Action for Education”). The demonstrations were not only against austerity measures that effect accessibility to education, but also to fight the increasing privatization of education, growing pressure to succeed, and a rising wave of questioning of the fundamental structures and functions of education systems.

To further the pressure locally and globally, groups, associations and individuals on the International Student Movement platform, who endorse the “International Joint Statement” came together to initiate the “Spring of Resistance” (SoR) from March to May 2011. That period will include a Global Week of Action” (March 21-26th)as well as a Global Day of Action” (May 2nd).

The framework of the SoR basically consists of the following three elements:

Individual groups and associations will organize their own actions during this period while the ISM provides the platform and the infrastructure to coordinate the mobilization across and between the regions. The timeframe of the “Spring of Resistance” marks an opportunity to strengthen the network between groups and activists and unite worldwide for free emancipatory education. Various social movements can be joined by the timing as well as by the framework of the “Spring of Resistance”.

In addition to sit-ins and demonstrations, events such as workshops and street theatre are planned by some to mark the resistance against the currently dominating education systems around the world. We want education for emancipation – not for profits!

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.


ISM Global: united.for.education@gmail.com (to announce actions to be listed as part of the SoR)
ISM – UK: ISM-UK@lists.riseup.net


The following protests and events as part of the “Spring of Resistance” have been confirmed so far:

  • Kick-off on March 1st, which marks the beginning of the Month of Action to Defend Public Education across the U.S.A..
  • During the same month groups in Canada, the UK and Germany already announced protests for free education as part of the SoR.

Make sure to announce your actions as well by sending an e-mail to united.for.education@gmail.com, or getting in contact with ISM-UK so people worldwide will be informed.

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