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Online meeting – Sunday 30th June

Posted: 07/06/2013 by ukism in Action News

*UPDATE* -> Date changed to Sunday 30th June

Bristol Staff and Students Against Privatisation have called for an online meeting of student activist groups in two weeks time. In their call-out they state:

Facebook event:

March 25th saw impressive nationwide student solidarity as people travelled from near and far to take part in the anti-privatisation demonstration at the University of Sussex. While the attempt at a people’s assembly after the demonstration didn’t really work out, we think it would be good for this discussion to continue on a national basis. We are calling for an online meeting of student activists on Sunday 30th June (i.e after most universities will have finished their summer term) to look back on what we’ve achieved this year, and consider what might be possible for us to do together in the future.

The direction of travel of our universities, left to our managers and vice chancellors, is clear. Sussex is not an isolated example: similar strategies of privatisation are emerging in many universities. Cleaning and catering staff and services are being outsourced; universities are relying upon private halls to house students; student services such as campus shops are being passed over to private companies such as WHSmith. Private companies dictate what universities research, and consequently what students learn. (more…)